Mary Conlin

Mary Conlin , Director

Mary Conlin has served as a member of our Board since June 2021. From 2001-2007 Ms. Conlin served as Director and Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications for Pixar Animation Studios, a computer animation studio which was acquired in 2006 by The
Walt Disney Company, and has since retired. Prior to Pixar, from 1990-1996 and again from 1998-1999 she
served as Director of International Distribution and Director of Worldwide Promotions for the theatrical division
at Warner Bros. Pictures, a multinational film production company. Ms. Conlin started her career in advertising
at VMLY&R, formerly known as Young & Rubicam. Since May 2020 she has served on the board of directors
for Daily Journal Corp, a public publishing and technology company. Ms. Conlin obtained a B.A. from Princeton
University 1986 and an M.B.A. from Harvard University 1990.